This my story of how I found a creepy thing in my world

The First Victims

Of course we know there are no skins in MCPE Right? Well this thing me and my friends saw was NOT Another player. This happened when my server was full,me and my friends were on a trip around my world, When we got back my nether towers were completely exploded and my home village had half of it gone and turned into air, it got my house but it didn't reach my chests it was 4 blocks in front of my chests so then I told everyone to split up , the 10 of us split up into different directions then 10 minutes later 2 of my friends saw a thing in the distance going deeper into the taiga biome then it turned around and saw them it teleported to them and just killed them in 1 hit they said it had a skin like null, but with red eyes and blood going down its shoulders They got disconnected after that everyone got scared so we went into our house. Only 2 other people (besides my 2 friends) did'nt come back , we stayed in the house all of them but me started rebuilding my house, then we ran out of wood so then 1 of them went to get some wood then he never came back, someone went to find him so I gave him a set of diamond armor and sword and some food.they came back but the guy who was getting wood saw that thing up close, they were both burning . A night later we set out on a quest to find him, we saw him but the thing didn't notice anything we followed It and saw its layer we went into its layer and didn't see it, So we mined some blocks and they were called block <name.Uknown we left 2 of them there to explore the base, the restm U.S. Went back to our base the 2 we left there never came back


We got the blocks, we found them half way to our house then we got teleported into a bedrock arena, the thing was at the top it said, welcome to the arena, let's see how tough you REALLY ARE!!!! Then 4 creepers spawned. We killed them , then the thing spawned 10 enderman and they killed 1 guy we killed the enderman then he jumped in the arena and said Let's see if you can beat me and he attacked us we killed him, and he dropped a bunch of PC items then he said Can you handle this???? then the bedrock turned into lava all 2 of the others died and I was left, i had dirt in my inventory and I barracaded my self from the lava and I had a heart left and then a Skelton spawned, I had a bow and shot the Skelton of the platform then the bedrock was removed and I fell, right before I hit the ground i crashed, I never went on that world again,