Entity 945 23 is a new entity 303. Entity 945 23 is a entity that has a monster as a skin. Entity 945 23 was created by a hacker who made the source codes. When I first saw him I was on a mod pack called Tyrants and Pledians.I went to single player and I was at tank training when the tank EXPLODED and I died. When I respawned It crashed and instead of the crash screen it said the source code. The source code was: File localFile = (945)localOptionSet.valueOf(spawnEntityAcceptingOption23) ? (Name)localOptionSet.valueOf(Entity945ArgumentAcceptingSpawnSpec23) : new File(localFile94523, "assets" String str6 = (File)localArgumentAcceptingOptionSpec945) ? I got scared and I decided to quit the game.When I returned I dicided to play multiplayer to get away from Entity 945 23.I dicided to go to the illuminati map and right when I join the illuminati invasion map,a guy called Entity945_23 joins the game and everyone disconnects for no reason and I crash.Instead the source code says: File localFile23 = (Entity)localOptionSet.valueOf(localSpawnArgumentAcceptingOptionSpec1) ? (Entity)localOptionSet.has(LocalArgumentAcceptingArgumentSpec2) : spawning Entity(localFile1, "Requirments" = localOptionSet.TNTAcceptingOptionSpec3.value(lovalOptionSet); TNT Pr1med = I dicided to change the spawn argument to false and TNT Pr1med to false.Then the game corrupted and the Entity spawned and said:YOU WILL NEVER DELETE ME and the chat said Entity945_23 left the game.I dicided to leave the game.