This story is fake. Do not believe or you will be banned.Edit

The Hill Beast is a large mob, said to spawn in Hilly Areas. It is said to look like a Large Iron Golem. If it is real, it might be a glitch of that mob.

Sightings Edit

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16 February 2018, Hello! My name is LuckyGuy2017, also known by my real name Nathan. And I'm gonna tell you my sighting of the Hill Beast:

I was playing Minecraft 1.7.4 on a computer running Windows 2000 Build 1946 with a 233MHz Pentium. I had all things Diamond; Diamond Sword, Axe, Shovel, Stone Hoe (don't waste your diamonds on a hoe), Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots. I decided to go to an Extreme Hills biome for some coal.