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The StoryEdit

Hello for anyone that is reading this. Before I get into my story here is some background info for you. My name is Bree a video gamer who loves video games. Minecraft was one of my first games and my brother taught me how to play. I will always watch him play. But enough of the boring details and get right into my story. This story is truly fake and has never happened.

Back at least 2 years ago I had a nightmare. Before I tell my encounters I only encountered four of them YraniB, Herobrine, Null, Entity 303. The encounter with YraniB was the first one I can explain well but my memory is weak so I can't remember much. I remember it starting out in a hotel with one of my guy friends and we both had guns and were in the hotel as I said earlier and this one was fancy. We ran all around until I think YraniB found me and wanted to show me something. He told me that he had trapped Null inside a blackbird. I can't remember much of that nightmare before I woke up.

The next one was about Herobrine the first encounter that I have ever had with him. He didn't do much just other than watching me and doing things to me. The second time I met him he started to do more as I was playing the game in the nightmare. Third time only his head I saw it only just pushed me up. Fourth time I don't remember much but it was scary to me. The 5th time he started to speak to me in the nightmare using signs. He then appeared before me and I was scarced he would hurt me