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Copied from Minefictions Wiki and modified. Generally, the Minecraft Myths Wiki has a content style that looks rather normal and can be easily be read by its readers. To make sure that no page looks too outlandish compared to another, we have established a manual of style of how pages are edited.

Spelling, and grammar Edit

Examples Edit

Generally, something present in British English, Australian English, and other types of English is the addition of a "u" in words, such as "humour", "colour", "favour" and "labour". This is absent in American English, so the "u" in the "or" suffix is dropped. Some terms, such as "aeroplane" in British English and Australian English is transferred in American English as "airplane".

Grammar Edit

This wiki generally tries to have good grammar in the writing of its articles. We ask all of our editors to try to use the best grammar possible. If English is not your first language and you make grammar mistakes, that's ok. Everyone is different. If you do, however, feel that you do not have great grammar and/or spelling, there are many spell checkers available online, so use them to your benefit.

Spelling Edit

Misspelling words can be small mishaps, but if they are present all over the article, then they can become distracting. Please avoid publishing edits with misspellings, and double-check your edit to see if any spelling errors are present.

Trivia & goofs Edit

Trivia is to point out small tidbits of info that are trivial to the rest of the episode. Trivia should not contain polls, questionnaires or opinions.

Goofs are small animation errors, continuity flaws, or other types of errors that are present in the episodes or shorts. Goofs should not contain plot holes or logic errors.

For example, stating something like "Golf Ball cried in Crybaby! and said it was her first tear, but she cried before that in Total Firey Island!" isn't allowed, as the continuity of Total Firey Island and Battle for Dream Island is disputed.

Wording Edit

Wording should generally be in a neutral tone, and not a negative or passive one. This may be considered as biased info.