This is a story written by TheMysteriousHood when he was an anon, but it got vandalized. This original version was made by Skeleton; he CTRL+C and CTRL+V'ed on the first revision of Shadow of Unknown.

The StoryEdit

The shadow of unknown was a minecrafter who would liked to pirate but he was always a noob.

One day when he was playing on server, he failed so much that admins banned and laughed at him.

He had a Youtube channel with only 4 videos, and they are montages of his fails.

On august 2nd 2012, he was so depressed that he committed suicide.

But the next day a new video came on his channel and it was shocking.

It was 30 seconds it was recorded in the dark,the quality was average,and for 17 seconds, the video was pitch black and then lighting flashed room where you can see shadow of unknown(he was named that cause nobody knew his face or heard his name)when the lightning is gone, slicing can he heard with sound of high pitch blaze screaming.

The next day the admin who banned him saw a black figure near his window,the window was open so the admin closed it but shadow of unknown magically entered and killed him with sword.

Before disappearing he left message.

The message said-I had to kill an admin for banning me,now I will haunt that abandoned server cause I am forced to do it until 3 admins die,if you provoke me by hitting me or cussing me you will suffer the same fate

When I kill 3 admins I can harrass servers until I gain control of minecraft by defeating Notch

to prevent the fate, you have 3 minutes to delete your Minecraft account

from:shadow of unknown

those were his final words before living in that server.

By the way,one other server admin died,now he has to kill 2 more to escape

admins,do not go into a server called:lucky games.