this is the story of the unkown shadow as it is called

1 year after the events of shadow of unknown 2, minecraft started to go downhill .the game was less and less popular

on a friday night one admin was foolish enough to go to lucky games,the shadow of unknown only needed to kill one more admin to rule minecraft,that wish came that day after he was killing that admin in both minecraft and real life.

i,hazardguy43 was playing singleplayer when i noticed that the sky got dark purple with red clouds,orange moon and red stars(it was a nighttime when i was playing)

i noticed that some mobs were running faster than normal,even hostile mobs didnt attack me

then a chatbox appeared,even if it was singleplayer and it said

COW:run,his wish is alive


HORSE:hey player,take a hitch and we will escape together

i jumped on a horse and a message in chat appeared saying

2 minutes until server destruction

then the horse i was riding said:we are running to a safe server where he cannot reach us,nor he can hurt us,at the last second i made it to the safe server(IP was unknown)

here i saw lots of different players,mobs ...

i talked to one of them and he said

???:this safe server will only last for 3 days with food

i found out it was an hard level setting,locked. i was also low at hunger bar,so i took something

1 hour later,some players went outside without the permission,the second later they were killed

but then something came from my speakers and it said

WARNING:i am now hostile to everything,even mobs arent safe,we will make a deal:you have this 3 days to prepare yourself,on the final day the safe server will be inflitrated by my superpowers,you will be sent all to lucky games to fight me

11:00 PM - nothing interesting

11:20 PM - the time where everyone must *sleep* in this server

*to be continued*