The dark one comes on days when you are sad days when your playing the game to help you with your feelings. He comes to forgotten worlds not played on for days or even months or years...who is the dark is the story..


I was just having a bad. I heard that I would have to go to summer school or months and that my dog had died. I decided to play minecraft to help me cheer up. I had gotten board with most of my worlds. I went thruogh them looking for the right one...I remebered my first world. I had enjoy it a go deal last year I went back to it. I started playing. It was fun for the first half hour then everything started to get weird. Like I tried to kill a pig but he wasn't jumping or moving yet I just could not hit him. I thuoght I saw something move behind me. I turned around..nothing.... A bit later I was mining. When I was going to leave I found that someone or something had covered the way out with stone. I was able to brake thruogh but I still didn't know what had done it. It was night so I decided to sleep [in the game not real life]. Right before I got in bed...He came into my house. A null like form with huge red eyes! THE RED EYES got bigger and bigger it seemed. I tried to exit the game but insted my cumputer just shut off I later found my hard trive was wiped. It was the scerist thing that ever happend to me in my life.