hat I'm about to tell you is a story that endangers me as much as the viewers. This is the story of an entity called Vapor. (Do not edit without perms)

DAY 1 I have made a simple world. and built a shelter. It is okay


the world bugs out sometimes, de-rendering chunks of walls, randomly generating walls, but i guess you only have Mojang to blame.


I am beginning to see things like Iron-block textured players inside my world, but after i start to approach them, they vanish into ender particles, maybe it's just me, or superstition.


The Iron-block texture figure has eluded me for 4 days straight. vanishing, taking my items, even going so far as to kill me! But this time i had him. I geared into creative, followed at tutorial, and got OP items. I was ready. The iron-block textured figure had followed me. i whipped around to catch him, but he ran. He did not disappear. I followed him across the world until we came across a cave. he disappeared through a cave passage he blocked off. As soon as i ran into it, Mine craft crashed. There wad definitely something wrong here.


I went through the source code and found that a program in my computer had given the Iron block figure godlike powers in the code. the application's name was, "%Vapor%.exe." apparently it had found a way to mask its path so i could not find it, so i left this one up to my trusty avast! antivirus. Sure enough, it was found. right in the System32 files. but before i could tell avast to delete it, my computer blue screened. When it rebooted, my antivirus was gone, but its Program files, were still there. Except there was only one left. it was called "coming.txt" It was a text file. i read it. it was in German. i copypasted into translate. What i read was creepy. "The legends that you and your folk have prophesied are no more. I am fear. I am your doom. I am your defeater. I am the mobs' voice that cries out for liberation. I AM your world. I am Vapor. Herobrine and 303 are no more..." Being very freaked out, I decided to halt my system and watch TV to break from all this creepiness.


I refuse to go on Minecraft anymore. I took to a computer help forum on my laptop (away from the vapor virus. ) I asked for the full attention of the community on this issue on how to get rid of the Vapor virus. I got a response quickly from an unknown user. The user said "There is no escape."