Hello,my name is 5pro,and im gonna tell my creepy story of my encounter with Blue Steve

The Start: it was saturday,and i was bored,had nothing to do,because my Wi-fi was off,so i decided to play Minecraft,i started a new world,things got pretty well,collecting wood,building a house,until the night came out,and it started to happen creepy things,i started to hear random explosions,but when i got out of my house to check it out,i didn´t saw any mobs,and there were no holes,so i decided to head back home and then i heard a static glitchy noise,and suddenly my game crashed.

2nd day: next day,i was freaked out of what happened in the first day,and questioning to myself: what did just happened?. Then i decided to open minecraft again but when i entered my world,i was in a different place,i remember i was in a plains biome,but i spawned in a desert biome,and i walked like 30 meters and found a desert temple,like any other curious MC player,i decided to enter it,i break the blue block to enter there,but when i checked the chests,they had no loot,i was thinking: WTF dude?!. So,i decided to climb up and search for a new biome,but when i reached the entrance of the temple,my game crashed again.

3rd day: i started to get scared to enter in the world again,so i decided to call my friend to help me investigate the crazy world,we meet each other,and we started building a house,and while we where building the house,we were talking about my experience in the last 2 days,but,he didn´t believed me,so we keeped talking,and nighttime came out,thats where,my friend told me he saw fire on a forest,and we decided to check it out,when we got to the place we saw a sign saying: GET OUT NOW. i was scared and we decided to turn back home,but our house was also on fire!,so,both of us freaked out,we started running deep in the forest,but,strangely,my friend got disconected!,thats when i got so scared i couldn´t think of nothing and just run,thats when i saw a message on the chat saying {???}- Theres no escape now 5pro. and when i looked behind i saw the Blue Steve,and my game crashed.

Conclusion: since that day,i deleted minecraft from my PC,if you guys want to check out my world,here is the seed:    2354472788974084399, version:1.7.10