The Zombie is a monster from Minecraft as you know. But the Undead player is a Satan Zombie. He is watching you. The Undead Player is like Herobrine. He has black eyes and skin with blood all over. The very first sighting was spotted by AwesomeMC. He left when he saw the horrible sighting.

Who is this??!! Edit

One day someone had joined Minecraft. He had named his player AwesomeMC. He had started to chop down a tree when he saw a shadow. He thought it was a pig so he ran up to it. The strange, mysterious shadow had disappeared though. He continued to chop down trees. He then saw something creepy...

...the sky had gone blood red. The grass turned into dirt and the trees disappeared. He saw some fog too. The buttons on the menu was rusted and had blood all over. He then saw him. He saw the fearless undead player, and was he on multiplayer? No he wasnt on multiplayer he was on singleplayer... He ran up to the undead player and he disappeared and the game crashed. The game went on the other menu. This time on the top it didnt say Minecraft, it said UNDEAD.