Story made by themaster402. Both current and original versions. Contains swearing.


Entry 1 (?) 05-26-17 Edit

Don't even ask me why the fuck this got taken down. I don't care, but thanks anyways to whoever kept a backup archive of my posts.

It's been about a year. And let me say, my life took a hell of a turn when I pulled that stunt in 100 Mile. I recieved incredible praise from my school, my friends, family, etc. The school went as far as to award me "Student of the Year", both for actually being successful academically and for saving a human life (the Qur'an states that saving one human life is like saving the life of all of mankind. Hooray for me.)

And yes, I did end up being in a relationship with her after she recovered. Hailed as the cutest couple in the school, in fact. Granted the fact that no one 14 or younger was willing to go the places we went, though. Literally. But today, I'm not here to talk about my love life, or my dumbass life in general (ha you thought I was going to turn this blog into an actual blog? I have a life... I think). No, today I'm here to talk about something serious. Something that once again puts me and my friends at threat.

5 days ago, a brutally tortured body had been found in the trees in our local park. A couple of poor 5-year-old boys stumbled upon it while playing hide and seek. I don't want to get into much detail about what happened to the innocent man, but let's say the event shocked the entire neighbourhood and no one would go outside at night for the next few days. Didn't exactly affect my school's kids either, being practically fearless and nonchalant about such cruel and heartless people lurking in the dark, but one detail about the whole thing stood out to me.

One of the details mentioned in the news report was that Latin and hexadecimal had been scribbled all over the man's back crudely in permanent marker (they even included a fucking picture of it). The police department hasn't taken the time to decode the hexadecimal, though, as it seems to be further encrypted in some type of cipher that they haven't figured out yet. Here is what we have so far:

Latin that reads as follows:

Vitae periculum et vocabuntur.
Invenisti eam?
Nos manere.
Fiend. Puer. Iuventae.

And hexadecimal:

6a 75 20 78 62 74 20 76 74 2e 20 65 73 62 78 6a 6f 68 20 63 6d 70 70 65 2e 20 75 69 66 20 6d 62 6f 65 74 20 62 67 62 73 2e (1).

I'm not sure why there was a one written in brackets at the end. Perhaps it's a hint to the cipher.

I haven't been able to translate the Latin. Google Translate, or any translate application, immediately closes upon typing it in. I can't type it anywhere at all but here, in fact.

EDIT: Fucking hell, it was a caesar cipher with an offset of ONE. If our fucking police department can't figure out that, then our city is doomed.

The hexadecimal translates to this, decrypted:

"it was us. drawing blood. the lands afar."

Wait a second--

Oh my god.

No way.

Entry 2 05-29-2017 Edit

Sorry about the abrupt ending last time, and taking a while to upload the next entry. This weekend has been a bit hectic in terms of homework and stuff.

So the moment I typed in the translation of the hexadecimal last time, my heart almost stopped. And it was due to these three words:

"the lands afar"

Now, these words could mean two things. One, whoever the fuck is stalking our people is from a foreign country, or is just based very far from here. I'm also theorizing that these are the same people who kidnapped my girlfriend. The other possibility... you all must have read a story called "Darkness Of The Farlands", and must've drawn the connections that I wrote it, albeit when I was smaller. It's a work of pure fiction that was inspired by the enigma that is Minecraft's Farlands. Well, I'm pretty sure you guys can already see where this is going.

Don't call me crazy, but I don't exactly think that this entire thing is a mere coincidence. Remember before, when I caught glimpse of a username starting with "DTF" back in a Tekkit world? How could it be possible that my own fictional creation is stalking me, let alone being able to access my Minecraft singleplayer worlds? Perhaps whoever hacked into the world modified their name to be DTF3421 just for extra scares.

Anyways, thank you comment section for translating that paragraph of Latin I had typed in last time. I'm going to give my thoughts about the inner meaning of each line.

Have you found her? (Referring to the fact that I rescued her.)

We are staying (or 'we are to stay'?). (Guess the cunts will persist to stalk my friends and I until every one of us falls into insanity.)

They are watching. (Who the fuck is "they"? If this is a message coming from the group that's terrorizing, then who are they referring to?)

Uninterrupted. (I guessed that "Perpetuum" meant "Perpetual" already. Likely meaning that they'll watch us endlessly.)

Fiend. Boy. Youths. (Calling me a fiend? Bitch(es), you're the sadistic fucks who kidnapped and tortured a teenage girl. Yes, I'm a boy. Yes, it's youths you're stalking, don't worry, you qualify as pedophiles.)

That's that. They're not done with me yet. I'm pretty sure they're out to murder me, and aren't afraid to end other innocents' lives in the process. Once again, I'm going to be pitted against a threat that a teenager shouldn't ever have to witness. Fine then.

EDIT: While peacefully playing Geometry Dash today, my screen began flashing eratically. Not like a graphics card failure or similar, but seemingly in a pattern, like static. After about 5 seconds of the strobe pattern of the monitor, it returned to normal, back in the game. NVIDIA's Shadowplay, which records idlely in the background while one is playing a game in case an important event occurs by chance, was able to capture the flashes. Here is approximately what it looked like in morse. Once again, my electronics must be possessed, because I am physically unable to type the string anywhere.

.... . .----. ... / --. --- -. . .-.-.-


Hello world. Edit

Hi everyone!

Yeah, I'm not going to act like a stereotypical happy go lucky blogger.

Yesterday, my best friend, and I'll admit, crush, disappeared. I have a transcript of the Skype conversation we had. It was a completely normal day, but what happened during it... I am going to censor her name out, for her safety, because if anything happens to her, it's all my fault.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > Hey, -----, what you building right now? > look at my pixel art it's so kawaii (^‿^)

She was building a Baymax pixel art, as she is obsessed with Big Hero 6, while the Interstellar-obsessed me was building the Endurance ship. > what the fudge, armaghan, did you just make that noise?

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > I was muted for the last 4 seconds. > sureeee you were, you scared the shit out of me ;3;

I didn't mind at the time, just thinking it was a random Skype glitch. > can you come down and check out my baymax?

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > sure, one sec.

I teleported to her, a thousand blocks underneath me.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > Wow, you made this yourself? > well, i obviously had to have a picture for reference, but ya.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > either way, it looks absolutely amazing. > *giggles* thanks!

I love it when she laughs at my horrible jokes and compliments. > hey, don't break it!

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > I'm right next to you. > Well then why is he missing an eye?

Sure enough, one of Baymax's pixelated eyes were missing.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > what the...

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > here, ill fix it.

I sprint-flew to the broken eye, but right as I reached it I caught a glimpse of a shadow figure disappearing.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > ----, did you invite and OP someone else? > hit tab, armaghan, we're the only ones on the server.

Sure enough, we were.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > well, anyways, want to help me build the Endu--

???? > *grunt*

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > what the fu.... was that you ----? > no i.. was..t

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > the connection is fucking up, can you hear me? > wh..t is

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > hello? > Okay, that was weird.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > what just happened? > don't ask me, you're the super nerdy genius who knows everything!



She suddenly screamed.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > ----? Are you okay? ----? What happened? > ....check skype chat.

I clicked on our Skype chat, and she sent a horrifying photo.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > What the fuck happened to your arm? Did you cut yourself?! > I DON'T KNOW BUT IT WASN'T THERE SECONDS EARLIER WHAT THE ACTUAL

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > Calm down, ----, it's okay. Is it bleeding that bad? > I n...d to a clo..h t... wi..e t..e blo..d

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > You need to get a what? The connection is fucking again.

???? > we. have. her.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > Okay, seriously ----, stop, you're scaring me. > That wasn't me... and you know I don't lie. I'm going to go to the washroom and clean myself up, brb.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > Wait, ----. > yeah?

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > you sure I shouldn't come over? I don't think you're safe home alone at night like this. > Don't be worried about me, I'm fine, I swear. It'll just be a minute to clean off this weird ass wound.

I heard her footsteps as she stood up and walked away.

Wait, footsteps? Is she wearing shoes in her house? > WHAT THE FUCK?!

Her voice was much quieter since she wasn't as close to the microphone.

I heard something being dragged across the floor, and... voices of men?

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > HELLO? WHAT'S HAPPENING? ----, IM COMING OVER RIGHT NO--- > ARMAGHAN CALL 911 THERE ARE ME--

Whoever invaded her house was now covering her mouth.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > I SWEAR TO GOD IF THIS IS JUST A JOKE

I heard the legitimate fear in her voice, she was choking and crying now. I suddenly felt a burst of bravery.

☜‿ ˙< ͜˙  Geometry Dash themaster402 [TD/GDC/TSB] > fuck the police, I'm coming over and calling them.

I hadn't paid attention to the Minecraft chat. There was a long string of binary, but I had no time to document that. I did come back later and copied it from a server log:

[tel:0101011101100101001000000110100001100001011101100110010100100000011010000110010101110010001011100010000001000011011011110110110101100101001000000110000101101110011001000010000001100111011001010111010000100000011010000110010101110010001000000110111101110010001000000111011101100101001000000111011101101001011011000110110000100000011010000111010101110010011101000010000001101000011001010111001000101110000011010000101000110101001100011011000000110011001110000010011000100011001110000011001000110100001100100011101100110011001100010010011000100011001110000011001000110100001100110011101101001110001000000011000100110010001100011011000000110001001101110010011000100011001110000011001000110100001100100011101100110101001100000010011000100011001110000011001000110100001100110011101101010111 0101011101100101001000000110100001100001011101100110010100100000011010000110010101110010001011100010000001000011011011110110110101100101001000000110000101101110011001000010000001100111011001010111010000100000011010000110010101110010001000000110111101110010001000000111011101100101001000000111011101101001011011000110110000100000011010000111010101110010011101000010000001101000011001010111001000101110000011010000101000110101001100011011000000110011001110000010011000100011001110000011001000110100001100100011101100110011001100010010011000100011001110000011001000110100001100110011101101001110001000000011000100110010001100011011000000110001001101110010011000100011001110000011001000110100001100100011101100110101001100000010011000100011001110000011001000110100001100110011101101010111]

Entry 2 Edit

One of you pointed out the translation of the binary:

"We have her. Come and get her or we will hurt her."

Along with coordinates to a location. In the past few days, I've been kept up to date with findings on her disappearance. So far, all we have is foreign fingerprints on the cloth she used to wipe the blood from her arm. I gave the police the transcript of our Skype call, but could not find an audio recording of it.

At my absolutely wonderful school, people comfort me, tell me it's not my fault, telling me I would make a great partner for her. But for all I know, her corpse is being cannibalized in God Knows Where, Andromeda Galaxy.

The coordinates got messed up on the conversion from text to binary, but I was able to eventually piece together the lat long string. The coordinates track right over to... 100 fucking Mile House? Great, I can ask my dad if we can take a road trip. I sent the new data over to the police, hoping for a quick response.

I had to find more clues. I thought, maybe the Minecraft world would tell something? And so I launched the game and logged back in to our server. After uncontrollably sobbing for 3 minutes, I looked back to my monitor to see the world absolutely obliterated. It looked like Hiroshima got stuck in a time loop. From surface to bedrock, there was nothing. At the bottom of the chasm, though, there was a lone sign, reading:

"For every day you won't come, we will add a cut to her arm, slowly creeping up until she's nothing but a bloody mess."

Fuck. If that's true, it's going to fuck me up even more than it already has.

I immediately sent this to the police, warning them that they should speed their asses up. Going back to Minecraft, I noticed the text on the sign changed.

41 6e 64 20 77 65 20 77 61 6e 74 20 79 6f 75 20 74 6f 6f 2e

Entry 3 Edit

Hey guys, sorry for the wait. Now that school is over and I have less people on my ass I have more time to, well, have the police on my ass. I haven't told much about the ongoing investigation. The Vancouver Police Department notified those at the RCMP of 100 Mile House, which is a fairly small town usually used as a stopover for inter provincial drives. That doesn't mean it's going to be easy to find her. And there are a couple of reasons for that.

One, whoever these people are, they want me, as one of you pointed out. The string of code I got in that Minecraft world (which I renamed Hiroshima, ha ha) was hexadecimal. It translates to "And we want you too". My first reaction to that? Fuck. I'm going to have to dedicate this summer, or at least a good portion of it, to solving this bullshit crime. And in the process, I could get seriously hurt or even lose my life. But it's going to be worth it, if I get to save her.

The VPD and Surrey RCMP keep on asking me if I have any more clues to this, but I'm just about as clueless as them. All I know is that they are luring us to 100 Mile House, and I'm going to have to find a way to hitch a ride to there. They'll probably kill her if I don't.

Anyways, here is another tiny thing that I picked up today. While building a little oil rig in singleplayer Tekkit, I noticed a nametag starting with "DT" quickly hiding behind an oil tank. When I looked over, it had disappeared. For some reason, though, the letters DT are terribly familiar to me... I just need to know where they're from...

 ????? Edit


Error - Connection to website lost.

Entry 4 (5?...) Edit

Oh boy, do I have a fuckton to tell you guys.

2 weeks ago, my parents found out my cousin was getting married in Calgary. And, as they always do on trips to Calgary, they took us by road. One of thr stop-overs was, you guessed it, 100 Mile House. We ended up booking a hotel there instead of further on. Against all circumstances, there I was. Somewhere around there, I could find her. Possibly save her, from the fucking sickos trying to do who knows what to an innocent teen. Yeah, I shouldn't have thought too deeply into those possibilities.

I'm already rebellious enough under normal citcumstances, but going out at night to save my friend from some pedos without anybody's permission was one hell of a thing to do, rebellious or not. Of course, I strike almost nothing less than straight A's in class, so you can imagine that I wasn't stupid enough to not bring some supplies. A multitool, containing tools that could be used to break locks or break bones. My phone, with the same versitality as my multitool. I lost half my balls trying to keep myself together, though. A teenager like me should never have to go through this alone.

Wait a second.

I didn't have to go through this alone.

Scurrying out of the room to make sure my parents didn't notice, I grabbed my phone and did a quick check. I will have service when I find the pedo dungeon, I'll get the local police on this. Now all I had to do was find her. As a small town, 100 Mile was usually quiet duribg nights, with the exception of the occasional car or truck passing by. Tonight, there was almost no one. A silent night.

I recieved a text on my phone.

It was from an unknown number, haha they were playing the stereotypical rapist game, with the message consisting of two strings of numbers. Latitude and Longitude. Simply tapping on the coordinates, despite the absence of degree symbols, switched the app to Maps, and the coordinates were pinpointed. Looking towards the real life location, it seemed that this dungeon was just past the Tim Hortons, and...

In the forest. Fucking great. Well, at least I can order a hot chocolate on the way to my death. Stealth was not an issue until I reached the woods, or at least a decent way into it, where the comforting light of Tim Hortons was nonexistant. I was scared shitless, nonetheless. No flashlight, battery would drain, and no clear sense of direction, as I had lost my GPS signal. Mindless wandering somehow eventually led me to a wooden shack in the middle of the woods. No sounds, nothing. Although the ground occasionally shuddered.

What if they're underground?!

The thought brought me back from the same mind wander I get while playing Geometry Dash too long. I semi-stealthily made my way into the shed. Bla bla bla, stereotypical useful/murderous tools on the wall. But no staircase, or anything like it. But giving up wasn't an option anymore. After a few more seconds of swiftly making my way around, using the torch on my phone now, too, I literally stumbled on a door with a bar fixed to in the ground.

I foolishly put my ear to the door.

I heard her voice.

I found her.

She was sobbing, I don't know for how fucking long. The putrid smell of feces and urine filled my nostrils... It was worse than anything I could ever imagine in my entire life. I never thought something this horrible could ever happen in my life, let alone my teenage days. But now, by putting an end to this, life may take a turn... I whipped out my phone and attempted to dial 911. On the brink of touching the call button, I heard booming footsteps coming up the stairs. Great, this just kept on getting better. I dropped my phone in a rush to hide behind something, preferably something big.

That would be a nice time to start praying to god. The phone was just out of reach at this point, the most I wanted to do was stick my arm out, not go for it. All I had to do was tap that god damn call button. I couldn't get a decent look at the man, but he was big and could probably crush me with his bare hands.

But I wasn't left with my bare hands.

I slid my hand into my pocket, and sure enough, out came the multitool. It was my only weapon on hand, but I can't exactly jump out and grab one of the axes. I would have to distract him first. The man slowly rotated, analyzing every bit of the room, and as he faced directly opposite of me, I whipped out the sharpest blade on the multitool and ran into the man. He let out a surprised cry before screeching in pain as my blade ripped through his chest, and just for fun, I wiggled around the blade before pulling it back out. The pain and shock stunned him, giving me time to grab the nearest axe and slice halfway through the man's neck.

And just like that, one of her captivators was brutally murdered by me.

I reached for the phone, and tapped call. As I was about to walk through the shed door in case the police wanted to have a huge ass convo with me, I felt the stunning pain of a blade passing through my ankle. The motherfucker had somehow grabbed the multitool and struck me before fainting, perhaps forever. In the moment, I dropped my phone again, and it had sustained a huge dent in the corner, perhaps destroying some of the internals. Sure enough, my phone was dead. "Shit.", I muttered as I slid the crippled phone into my pocket for future purposes.

The police were probably on their way. Wouldn't the other pedos notice if one of their co-workers wasn't coming back from upstairs?

I peered into the basement, and heard nothing with the exception of my dangerously high heartbeat. Should I have gone down there?  Hell yes I should have. I took cautious steps down, to make direct eye contact with a deformed young girl.

"...*****?", I whispered, tears quickly forming in my eyes.

"You... you came...", she choked. She was in horrible condition. The mix of feces, urine and blood on the ground and her body made me want to puke, if it weren't for the fact that my she was her. Even if the police were on their way, there was no way I could let het stay down here.  I approached her, not giving a shit about the mess pilind on my pants and shoes. A closer look at her, and I could see them. The torture the kidnappers pronised. Cuts, bruises... blood all over, flesh exposed. As I attempted to help her up, my hand made contact with her bare skin. Oh my god. They couldn't have done it. I did my best, trying to respect her modesty, and carried her out of the fucking torture chamber, into the outside. Far, far away, I heard the sirens. They did. They came. I was practically dragging her towards the lights before I fainted.

I woke up the next day, in my hotel room. My parents clearly knew every single damn detail, because when I woke up, well, I had fun explaining to them the truth. And there was even more. An investigation was launched, after analyzation of the man I had killed revealed that this wasn't a one man job. The group who had kidnapped her were charged of kidnapping, torture... rape... Of course, I pleaded her family and my parents if I could see her in the hospital. There was no denying that.

Sure enough, she was connected to life support and oxygen, though the doctors insisted she was going to survive. No body parts would have to be replaced or removed... thank god. She was obviously expecting me, because the first thing she did when she woke up was push my lips gently onto hers. Well, that may be the only good thing that has happened so far. There were tears, but no words. We understood each other's silence.